Terms & Conditions

Prices: Prices are subject to change and are not final without confirmation from a sales representative.

Payment Terms: Invoices are mailed on the 1st day of each month of service and due in 30 days. Getaways On Display reserves the right to add interest at a rate
of 18% APR to overdue accounts.

Deadline: Brochures must be received by the 15th of the month before the first month of service.

Distribution Timing: Initial distribution will be completed during the first month and will continue after the last month. Sample: 6 month contract for Jan – Jun may
include distribution from Jan 15 – Jul 15.

Brochure Quantities: Your sales representative will suggest the quantity of brochures required. Typically we estimate a minimum of 3000 brochures are
required to participate. We will notify suppliers if our initial supply of brochures runs low. If suppliers fail to provide either the initially requested brochure quantity
or requested replenishments, some locations may not receive brochures.

Placement Quantities: Given receipt of an adequate supply of brochures, we will fill and maintain at least one pocket on each display. Pockets are 2 inches
deep. To help control your print costs, if your brochure is thin, we may not completely fill pockets at slower locations. If your brochure is unusually thick and
popular, you may need to purchase multiple pockets to ensure a constant supply at all locations.

Distribution Frequency: Our frequency of service varies per location based on historic traffic patterns. Service frequencies range from weekly to 6-week cycles.
Adjustments are made to ensure the constant availability of brochures to consumers.

Brochure Rejection: Getaways On Display will notify brochure suppliers if a brochure is rejected by more than 3 locations. Areas of potential concern are
products or services in direct competition with AAA or travel agency services.

Locations: Getaways On Display will strive to maintain the minimum number of locations indicated herein and will make every reasonable effort in a timely
manner to replace locations that may be discontinued as a result of closure, policy changes or for any reason.

Printing: Ask us for a discounted print quote! Tell your printer to indicate on each carton the quantity of brochures enclosed.

Maximum Weight: Boxes can not exceed 35 pounds.

Shipping: Be sure to get a quote from us to pick-up your brochures or use our discounted carriers.

Our facility can accommodate pallet shipments. We have loading docks, forklifts, and all necessary unloading equipment.

Ship or deliver brochures to:

Getaways On Display, Inc.
147 Arrowhead Drive, Bldg 3
Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: 717-653-8070
Fax: 717-653-4808
Email: sales@getawaysondisplay.com